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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The GOP Needs to 'Stop Confusing Product with Marketing'

Via email from Mohan Kompella, an MBA student at Northwestern University:

I read your "Republicans Should Embrace Competition" post with interest. 
What the GOP really needs to do, is stop confusing Product with Marketing.
In the business world (apt, since the GOP thinks of itself as the "Party of Business"), if a company spent $1 Billion on selling something and failed (actually $3 Billion, if you include the company’s “partner” ecosystem), numerous heads would roll.
It would then call for a brutally honest and thorough review of what went wrong with its front-end marketing, its back-end marketing, its competitive strategy and most importantly, its products. The problem though is that the GOP punditry class keeps talking about marketing problems only and no one wants to talk about product.
More at http://www.bminusc.com/2012/11/11/product-vs-marketing-the-gops-long-road-to-recovery/

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