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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's the Thought That Counts

That was weird. On the way home, I was thinking how nice it was that, since the recession, the motorcycle cops who give you a ticket for going 28 in a 25 – they hide with radar guns and seemed to be everywhere – have been gone. I hadn’t seen one in a really long time. Budget cuts, I suppose.

Then I turned the corner, noticed I was following a motorcycle, white helmet, black jacket, something written on it – hmm a motorcycle cop! Wow, I summoned him up from somewhere with those thoughts (I'm thinking as I hit the brakes so as not to close the gap). He then literally led me home, parked about a block from my house, radar gun in hand (on a big hill where people always speed, you can hardly help it), ready to give a ticket.

Guess I need to be a little more careful about what I’m thinking.

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