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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dropout Boom and the Growing Education Gap

This article describes the rising college drop-out rate, particularly among lower income students, and the widening education gap this is bringing about. The article also looks at potential causes of the rising dropout rate and policies attempting to reverse the trend:

The College Dropout Boom, By DAVID LEONHARDT, NY Times: …One of the biggest decisions Andy Blevins has ever made, and one of the few he now regrets, never seemed like much of a decision… He had been getting C's and D's, and college never felt like home, anyway. ... So he quit college … and … … joined one of the largest and fastest-growing groups of young adults in America. He became a college dropout … Only 41 percent of low-income students entering a four-year college managed to graduate within five years … but 66 percent of high-income students did. That gap had grown over recent years. … [continue reading…]

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