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Friday, July 08, 2005

Deep Sea Red-Light District

It's never a good idea to become dazzled by the sparkling lights:

Red Light-Flashing Jellyfish Lures Prey, By Randolph E. Schmid, AP:  The first deep sea red-light district — glowing appendages on a newly discovered jellyfish relative — appear to flash their come-hither message to lure prey  … the first deep ocean invertebrate known to use red fluorescent light … Three of the animals were found by scientists using a remote controlled research vehicle at depths of between 5,200 feet and 7,500 feet off the coast of California. … The animal, which has not yet been named, has tentacles with side branches that consist of stinging cells attached to a central stalk. The researchers said that inside the stalk are spots that produce blue-green light when immature and red light when mature. … There are not many fish at the depth where the specimens were found, but two of the Erennas had fish inside them. … researchers believe the red lights are being used to attract fish that can then be captured and eaten. …

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