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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A September Wedding for Tax and Social Security Reform?

Both tax reform and Social Security reform will be the focus of administration effort beginning in September:

Snow Says Bush Meeting to Focus on Trade, By Martin Crutsinger, AP:  … Snow said the administration was looking forward to re-engaging in the debate over Social Security when Congress returns in September and would also be preparing to push ahead with an effort to overhaul the nation's tax code after a presidential advisory panel makes recommendations in late September.  "That will tee up the next major issue for the president - broad-based tax reform," Snow said. … While congressional Republicans have expressed doubts about getting Social Security legislation approved, Snow said: "I remain optimistic that we will get something done there. ... I think in the fall you will see us heavily engaged on the Social Security issue."…

It sounds like the Thomas approach is on the agenda.  Throw in something for everyone, tax reform, social security reform, and whatever else is needed to get the votes, and pass whatever bloated piece of legislation emerges from the process.  Then go home and declare victory.

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