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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bernanke: Krugman is a Wonderful Scholar

In an implicit agreement to share a disagreeable activity, a few of us take turns venturing over to the NRO to see what sort of nonsense the latest round of columns will bring. It reduces the chances of any one of our heads exploding as it gets trapped in the infinite loops of illogical arguments and bad economics. I figured it was my turn, and as usual Don Luskin is lost in his own fog:

Or perhaps we should take note that the Times didn’t give Bernanke an opportunity to go on the record about how he feels about having hired Krugman. We’ll use our imagination on that one.

No need to use our imagination, Bernanke is already on the record. As Brad DeLong says, let’s go to the tape:

Krugman came to Princeton from MIT and will teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in economics and the Wilson School, including ECO 102, according to economics department chair Ben Bernanke. "[Krugman] is a wonderful scholar, a great teacher and another star to add to our firmament," Bernanke said.

There’s not an economics department in the world that wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have Krugman on the faculty.

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