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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

TypePad in China

TypePad is being blocked in China, but there are ways to get around the block:

11.01.2005 TypePad Performance Update - 7:00 pm: ...We've confirmed that TypePad blogs are currently being blocked in China, similar to the block put in earlier this year and last year. Until access is restored, the only recommendations we can make for workarounds is to use any web proxies which are available for routing requests to TypePad through another site. In addition, third-party services for processing syndication feeds aren't currently being blocked, so if you're using another service to enhance your TypePad-published XML feed, it's likely the feed will still be available to audiences in China. To be clear, the availability of TypePad-powered sites in China isn't something we have control over, but we do hope that full access is restored quickly, as it was last year.

[The link above is dynamic and TypePad has been issuing occasional updates on this issue.]

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