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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Look Behind the Bush and You'll Find Lobbyists

Here's a big surprise, lobbyists helped shape policy. Perhaps for the good, but still ...:

Behind Bush's New Stress on Science, Lobbying by Republican Executives, by John Markoff, NY Times: President Bush's proposal to accelerate spending on basic scientific research came after technology industry executives made the case for such a move in a series of meetings with White House officials, executives involved said ... Computer scientists have expressed alarm that federal support for basic research is being eroded ...

But in his speech, Mr. Bush pointed to work in supercomputing, nanotechnology and alternative energy sources — subjects that were favorites in the Clinton administration but had not been priorities for the current White House. What was different this year, according to a number of Capitol Hill lobbyists and Silicon Valley executives, was support on the issue by Republican corporate executives like Craig R. Barrett, the chairman of Intel, and John Chambers, the chief executive of Cisco Systems. Industry officials eager to see a greater government commitment to research held a series of discussions with administration officials ... in the Old Executive Office Building on Dec. 13. There, a group led by Mr. Barrett and Norman R. Augustine, a former Lockheed Martin chief executive, met with Vice President Dick Cheney...

Peter A. Freeman, the National Science Foundation's assistant director for computer and information science and engineering, said the president's initiative would make a big difference. ... even those who had been publicly critical of the administration were enthusiastic. "This is really a huge deal and I'm very encouraged," said David A. Patterson, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley ...

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