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Sunday, June 11, 2006

'Jonesing' for Status

In my neighborhood, there seems to be a rash of boat buying. Big boats. I'm not sure if it's the housing boom, people hit the lottery, or what, but having read Robert Frank and others I know that I am now feeling worse off since my relative status in the neighborhood has surely fallen.

So, I've been Jonesing for pleasure boats—just something to park in the yard for the neighbors, I don't have to actually use it or anything. I like this one, but I'm having trouble finding a trailer for it:

July 1906 Issue: Imperial Roman Galley, Scientific American—“Buried under the waters of Lake Nemi lie two pleasure galleys, which belonged to the Emperors Tiberius and Caligula, and which contain art treasures that have been coveted for five hundred years. It is because of their unusual size (war galleys were much smaller) that the vessels, it is inferred, must have been used as pleasure barges. From the investigations of the divers we may glean much of the construction of the vessels, even though we may not be able to present an absolutely accurate restoration [see illustration].”

I'm not really Jonesing for a boat, but it's entertaining watching the neighbors try to play status leapfrog. New boats need new trucks to pull them...

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