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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Interview from Radio Economics:

Dr. George Borjas discusses the American immigration system (audio)


The New Global Arabism - Washington Post
The Cultural Revolution at 40 - Project Syndicate
The Coming St. Putinsburg Summit - Project Syndicate
Morocco’s Veiled Feminists - Project Syndicate

From SmartEconomist:

Q&A 8 - Next - Financial Globalization and Exchange Rates: Trinity College Dublin Professor Philip R. Lane will answer readers' questions on how the increasing integration of international financial markets affects the relationship between exchange rates and external imbalances, and on the implications for monetary and exchange rate policy. Ask Your Question

Q&A 7 - Global Job Markets and US Leadership: Harvard University Professor Richard B. Freeman answered readers' questions on the relationships among immigration flows, scientific education and the global market for skilled workers, on how they affect US technological leadership, and on their implications for economic policy. Read Q&A

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