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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Calling Geraldo

CardCarryingMember can't resist one more poke at Senator un-elect Allen:

Allen's Vault, by cornhuskerblogger: We've spent considerable time in recent days wringing all possible droplets of guilty joy from Sen. George Allen's troubled re-election campaign and comeuppance.

I'd like to indulge for at least one more post. ... Turns out Allen vaulted everything he ever wrote, for posterity's sake. He so fancied himself a man of history that he thought he'd do all future scholars a favor by preserving every scrap of his writing -- from official correspondence to bar napkins featuring just a chicken scratch. According to a former Allen staffer I spoke to this weekend, Allen's habit annoyed everyone in his office.

"He actually has a real vault, like they have in a bank," said the staffer, a Republican. ([cornhuskerblogger] is a redstate Democrat after all -- giving him an all-access pass to reasonable people on both sides of the aisle.) "He's ridiculous."

Where is this vault? When do we get a peek at Allen's greatness...? Sounds like a job for Geraldo Rivera.

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