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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fama-French: Did Fama Really Do All the Work?

From Mahalanobis:

Fama Factors Out French: "I Did All The Work": After 15 years of sharing the credit for groundbreaking research with Ken French, Eugene Fama is on a mission to expose his former colleague, and himself. The result is an alarming behind-the-scenes look at how academic careers are made and broken.

"I hired Ken French in 1990 when he was a driving instructor in Winnetka. Chicago was pressuring me to partner with another researcher; I couldn't stand the idea so I hired a stooge. The man has never contributed a single idea to my research, and yet his name is constantly mentioned in the same breath as mine."

Many of French's students are not surprised. ... [read more]

[Update: I thought it would be obvious, but apparently it isn't -- this is a joke.]

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