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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tax Cut Message No Longer Resonates with Independent Voters

Looks like the magic of the "tax-cuts fix everything" message is wearing off:

GOP Forced to Pivot on Taxes, by Erin Billings, Roll Call: Senate Republicans are likely to engage in a more serious message makeover than they previously thought following a private strategy session ... where they reviewed new polling data showing tax cuts are no longer priority No. 1 with key independent voters.  The news, GOP Senators acknowledged..., served as an important wake-up call as the party undergoes its massive internal image overhaul. The theme of lower taxes has been a cornerstone of the Republican platform ...

The findings ... showed Senators that Americans are far more focused on key domestic reforms like health care reform and the level of government spending rather than on previously enacted GOP tax reductions. ... Republican Senate sources said the latest information ... shows Republicans relied too easily on tax cuts as the answer to every domestic problem... [E]xplained one senior GOP Senate aide. "We've worn out the message."...

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