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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Economics of Time Travel

Ever wonder how much it would cost to build a time machine? No? Well, if you ever do, here's the answer:

Time machine possible says professor, Gold Coast News: Building a time machine that travels into the future is not science fiction - if you are a multi-trillionaire, a physics expert says.

Dr Craig Savage, who lectures in relativity and quantum mechanics at the Australian National University, says it is possible for people to travel forward in time but the costs involved are too great.

''If you could build a spaceship that could go three quarters of the speed of light you would time travel one hour into the future for every hour of your time,'' he said.

''People have designed such spacecrafts at various times but they would just be unimaginably expensive to create. ''It's not an issue of technology, it's one of economics.''

The cost of operating a time travelling machine, in relation to the cost of electricity, would be ten trillion dollars, Dr Savage estimates.

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