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Friday, December 28, 2007

More Links

Thought I'd pass these along:

Felix Salmon has a nice explanation of CDOs and overcollaterilization.

Calculated Risk has More on New Home Sales.

Taylor Clark at Slate says Don't Fear Starbucks because having one open nearby - next door even - helps existing coffee shops. [Update] Why are there no Starbucks in Italy?

[Update] Paul Krugman looks at the big bubble in the price-rent ratio and wonders How far is down? for housing prices. [Update] Brad DeLong qualifies Paul Krugman's conclusion on the fall in housing prices. [Update] Richard Green says "Krugman thinks a 50 percent fall along the coasts is possible. I am doubtful." He also links to a paper on the problems with using PE ratios.

[Update] Paul Krugman says "It occurs to me that some readers might want to know a bit more about the history behind what I’m saying currently on trade." [Update] knzn continues the discussion. He says, "It helps, I think, to separate the positive question from the normative question. The positive question is, 'Who is helped by trade, and who is harmed?' The normative question, in the abstract, is, 'How much weight should we give to the interests of the various parties that are helped and harmed by trade?'"

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