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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trouble Right Here in River City

One of you got me in trouble. I received a big packet in campus mail from a law firm a few days ago demanding that I remove a defamatory, libelous comment from a post or face a lawsuit.

Someone had copied an article and posted it in comments (this was fairly recent). Subsequently, the author retracted the original article, admitted statements in the article were false, apologized, and it was removed from their website. Given that, I didn't see that I had much room to protest, and the lawyers at TypePad told me I was responsible for everything posted on my site, including all comments.

I had until the 23rd to remove it according to their demands, i.e. until midnight yesterday. I waited until 11:59 last night, then a half minute longer, then a few seconds more, then finally removed it just before the 23rd ended (a little voice keeps telling me to repost it every so often so that it stays in Google's cache, but I'm trying not to listen). I really wanted to fight it. But, given that the author had retracted the original, this didn't seem like the right place to take a stand.

No big deal I guess (or is it?), but I feel like I gave in too easily. I just didn't see how to resist in this case.

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