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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Video Lectures - Econometrics

There's nothing special about my teaching or anything, and I always regret it after I post these (hence, the late Saturday night attempt to sneak by unnoticed), but if anyone happens to be interested, my econometrics course is available on video. (Just scroll down to the individual lectures or to the index at the top to find them, the course is the second in our undergraduate sequence covering departures from the assumptions required for OLS to the best linear unbiased estimator. They are live videos from the class. My other classes are on video as well, e.g.)

I don't watch the videos - I can't - so I have no idea what's on them other than from recollection, but this is one example (the topic is heteroskedasticity corrections). Hopefully there aren't any YouTube moments [Update: list of video lectures for other classes I teach]:

Economics 421 - Econometrics - Winter 2008 - Lecture 6

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