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Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Republicans Equalize Pay between Men and Women

A recent op-ed in the WSJ argues that people should vote Republican if they want equal pay between men and women. Lane Kenworthy explains why women's pay has caught up with men's more during Republican administrations. When Republicans are in power, women don't do a whole lot better relative to when Democrats are in power, men do worse:

Vote Republican if You Want Equal Pay?, by Lane Kenworthy: In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Casey Mulligan points out that over the past half century the pay gap between women and men has shrunk more under Republican presidents than under Democratic ones. The following chart shows this. The data are from the Census Bureau.

Mulligan argues that the best way to achieve equal pay is therefore “to work for a labor market that creates opportunities for women like it did during the Reagan and the Bush years.” But as the next two charts indicate, the Republican advantage in closing the gender pay gap owes mainly to slow earnings growth for men during Republican administrations, rather than rapid earnings growth for women.

More here and here.

The reminds me of when students come in and say something like "I have the same answer as my roommate, but he/she got four points more than I did." They then argue it's not fair. Ah, the response goes, "we'll have to fix that and make it equal. Have your friend bring their exam to my office, and I'll lower their grade by four points. Who was it again?" That's the same mechanism that equalizes the pay of men and women under Republican administrations.

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