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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Great Depression

What was it like during the Great Depression? The first interview talks about economic policy, the rest of the interviews talk about the economic and social conditions:

  • Interview with Gardner C. Means, an economic advisor, on the New Deal and the difference between the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations. [terkel-a0a0p2-b.rm]
  • Interview with Peggy Terry, a migrant farm worker, on being unemployed, bread lines, soup kitchens, and homeless camps. [terkel-a0a0l6-b.rm]
  • Interview with Virginia Durr on shame and the fact that people blamed themselves and not the system. [terkel-a0a0r3-b.rm]
  • Interview with Ed Paulsen, a dayworker, on unemployment and the search for jobs (part 1). [terkel-a0a0k3-b.rm]
  • Interview with Emma Tiller, a cook who discusses how African Americans fed tramps when white people didn’t. [terkel-a0a0k8-b.rm]
  • Interview with Pauline Kael, a film critic, on anger, violence, and the general strike in San Francisco. [terkel-a0a0k5-b.rm]
  • Interview with Mary Owsley on company stores. [terkel-a0a0o3-b.rm]

More here.

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