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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Same as it Ever Was

I'm in a session called What's the Grand Old Party to Do? (Andrew Breitbart, Jonah Goldberg, Amy Holmes, Kathryn Lopez, Byron York, William Bennett) (update: video). So far the themes have been how much more respect they have shown to Obama than Democrats showed Bush (they are the more "civilized party"), and how proud they are that they have rejected Identity politics.

They don't appear to believe they need to change, the key appears to be to hope and work for Obama's failure - they cannot believe that his policies will be successful (because they aren't their policies). So no need to change, just wait for the other side to fail and the country will come back to them. For example, Jonah Goldberg just said we should make a list of "I told you so's" and bring them out later after Democrats fail. It's a pretty clear denial that they need to change direction. It sounds a lot like a ditched spouse telling themselve all the things that are wrong with the new partnership, and hoping and believing the spouse who left will see all the things wrong with the new situation and come running back. Eventually, they believe, the country will realize their mistake, see the light, and come running back.

Just heard "conservatives are winning the arguments" so let's start pointing that out. Yes, please do. Now they are citing polls showing that the majority of the American people are conservative, so the key is to speak to their issues.

I expected to hear real proposals for change, and I'm very glad to be disappointed to hear nothing but a return to the same old failed strategies. (But we still have about an hour left...) (update: video)

Update: I don't recall Specter being mentioned, though I did drift in and out while they were talking so it may have come up briefly. Also, during the Q&A, the audience tried to ask about and push for change, but the panel was resistant. But I'll post the video soon so you can judge for yourself.

Currently in a session with Barry Eichengreen and others on The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Mortgage and Credit Markets Roundtable. (update: video)

Update: While I'm thinking about it, I didn't get to it, but several people have recommended this session: Credit Markets (video) (David Malpass, Stephen Nesbitt, Steven Tananbaum, James Walker, moderator: Michael Milken)

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