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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Commercial Real Estate "Does Appear to be Headed Further South"

Calculated Risk has me convinced that this is something we ought to be worried about:

Bernanke: CRE May Pose Risk, by Calculated Risk: From Bloomberg: Bernanke Says Commercial Property May Pose Risk for Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said a potential wave of defaults in commercial real estate may present a “difficult” challenge for the economy, without committing to additional steps to aid the market. ...

It “may be appropriate” for the government and Congress to consider “fiscal” steps to support the industry, Bernanke said today. Ideas for fresh support for the market could include government guarantees for commercial mortgages, Bernanke also said today ...

“As the recession’s gotten worse in the last six months or so, we’re seeing increased vacancy, declining rents, falling prices -- and so, more pressure on commercial real estate,” Bernanke said yesterday. “We are somewhat concerned about that sector and are paying very close attention to it. We’re taking the steps that we can through the banking system and through the securitization markets to try to address it.”

A few key CRE stories this month...[list of news items] ...And a comment from the USG (building materials supplier) conference call this morning:

"Nonresidential construction does appear to be headed further south, perhaps significantly so."

No kidding.

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