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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enough Punishment for One Day

When you are teaching a course, imposing rigorous standards and giving lots of homework can be of great benefit to your students: 

The rigors of the USC Masters in Real Estate Development Program, by Richard Green: A student of ours emails:

I just wanted you to know that this assignment got me out of a traffic ticket this morning.

La Cienega was shutdown to due an accident and I was trapped. So, I made a u-turn which included driving over a curbed median. A motorcycle cop pulled me over and gave me a lecture about how this isn't Texas (I have texas plates) and "cowboy driving" is not acceptable....whatever that means. So I told him that I had to get to campus for the mid- term and I had a limited amount of time to complete the homework assignment. I pulled out assignment #3 to make my story credible and he took it with him when he went back to his motorcycle.

When he came back he told me that it seemed like the assignment was going to be enough punishment and he let me go.

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