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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Size of the Bush Tax Cuts vs. the Cost of Health Care Reform

Via Economix:

Trillion Dollar Health Reform, $3 Trillion in Tax Cuts, by Howard Gleckman, Tax Policy Center: It is interesting, and perhaps worth noting, that while political opposition seems to be hardening against the $1 trillion, ten-year cost of the early versions of health reform, barely a peep of concern has been raised about the $3 trillion price tag for President Obama’s plan to extend most of the Bush-era tax cuts.
The message seems pretty clear: The President, congressional Democrats, and nearly all Republicans are fine with busting the budget to cut taxes for nearly everyone, notwithstanding a cumulative deficit over the next decade of $9 trillion. They are, by contrast, unwilling to spend one-third as much to provide medical insurance for those who cannot afford it. I’ve always felt that health reform is as much an ethical choice as an economic one. We appear to be making ours.
Yes, priorities. Tax cuts for the wealthy come before health care for the uninsured.

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