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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Road Again

I am traveling to China today (Beijing) to talk at a conference about US fiscal policy during the crisis, and have no idea about my ability to connect here once I arrive. I assume it won't be a problem, but just in case -- and because I won't have as much time as usual -- I have things set to post automatically until I get back.

Update: Finally here. Here are the slides for my presentation today.

Google is different here, but if I log onto the VPN at school I can get to the regular version. Sometimes my blog won't come up if I'm not logged in to the VPN, but not always, so not sure what's up. Blogs hosted by Google on blogger seem to be missing, and other blogs on TypePad don't always load either (though they do show up on Google unlike the blogs on blogger). With VPN though, no troubles. Anyone know the current state of blog access here?

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