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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day after Day

When I first started this blog, I had no expectations at all. I thought a few people might visit, family and acquaintances mostly, and I wasn't so sure about them, but nothing more than that. But, surprisingly to me, it slowly began gathering more and more visitors after some noteworthy help from other bloggers that brought it to people's attention. I was lucky to get that help, and entering the econoblogosphere earlier rather than later didn't hurt either.

As the number of visitors started growing, I became afraid that if I missed a day posting, the traffic growth would somehow stop, the regulars would go away, etc. I'm not sure what the fear was exactly looking back now, but being relatively risk averse I posted every day, always promising myself that once the traffic growth leveled off and things stabilized, I'd take a break. At least for a day or two.

As far as I can recall, I haven't missed a single day in the five and a third years that I've been doing this. Maybe there was a day somewhere, but I can't remember one. Mostly I don't mind, this has been the most surprising thing I've ever done and there's always something new and unexpected around the next corner, some good, some I'd rather not have to deal with, but it does pass the time. I have trouble pulling myself away from blogging rather than having to force myself to do it, but there are days now and again when posts are a bit forced and I tell myself that I really, really need a break from this. Especially, when, as lately, I find myself getting pretty cranky at small provocations (and the things I don't say...).

Traffic is still growing, though the pace has slowed, particularly since the financial crisis has eased, but the fear that somehow it would all evaporate if I miss a day or two, or whatever it was I was afraid of, is not as strong as it once was. But I still can't do it. I still can't bring myself to voluntarily miss a day (I know, I know).

However, I need to get away for a bit, at least from the usual surroundings. In part it's because I've agreed to be Associate Department Head for the next two years and that will keep me plenty busy. It's about to begin, so this is the last chance to get away before that happens.

So I am leaving Eugene today. Where am I going? I have no idea, I just decided to do this, so I am simply going to get in the car and see where I end up. The most likely direction initially is east, maybe south, but that's about all I know. I did this once before and it turned out well, so I'll just go where I feel like it each day and see what happens, starting with today.

I'll do my best to keep posting every day, but I may end up doing a lot of "echo" posts, i.e. a very short here's whatever followed by excerpts (as I do generally when time is short). I'll try to keep up on daily links. We'll see how it goes.

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