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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corporate Rotten Eggs

Robert Reich:

Corporate Rotten Eggs, by Robert Reich: There are rotten apples in every industry. Or perhaps I should say rotten eggs.
One especially rotten egg is Jack DeCoster, whose commercial egg agribusiness, which goes under the homey title “Wright County Egg,” headquartered in Galt, Iowa, sends eggs all over the country under many different brands. Those eggs have now laid low thousands of Americans with salmonella poisoning, and may well infect thousands more.
DeCoster is recalling 380 million eggs sold since mid-May. Another commercial egg company, also headquartered in Iowa, and in which DeCoster is a major investor, is recalling hundreds millions more.
It’s not clear how recall rotten eggs are recalled. They’re not like Toyotas. They’re already in our food supply. 
But this is only the beginning of the story. ...[continue reading]...

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