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Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Which Mr. Deling Responds...

Law Professor Todd Henderson, who has a household income of $455,000 per year, has been complaining about his taxes going up under the Obama plan (all households would keep the Bush tax cuts for income up to a $250,000 per year threshold, but any income above that amount -- and only the income above that amount -- would be taxed at the older, higher rate). He says, like most "working Americans," once his bills are paid each month, there's hardly anything left over. How can he be considered rich? Michael O'Hare called him on it, Brad DeLong reprinted excerpts from Michael O'Hare's post, and Todd Henderson emailed (I think) Brad to protest.

Brad's subsequent response is here, and it's well worth reading:

In Which Mr. Deling Responds to Someone Who Might Be Professor Todd Henderson, by Brad DeLong and Brad Deling

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