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Friday, October 29, 2010

Comment Amnesty

I've decided it's time to declare comment amnesty. All blocks, etc. are removed. Clean slate. I do this about once a year, though this is the first time I've noted it here.

I don't really have a formal comment policy. It's mostly discretionary. I read them as much as I can, and delete the ones I think should be deleted. But if I had to describe it, it's something like this:

I do all of the comment monitoring, and I sometimes I don't have time to do anything but scan through them fast and make quick, on the fly decisions (and there are times, like last week, when I don't get to them at all for several days -- still catching up on those). I'm sure I don't always get it right. I sometimes miss the context and misinterpret comments, and it's not always consistent. Things that get deleted one day might not on another. I try to guard against that, but I have my grouchy, intolerant days just like everyone else. There have been more than a few occasions when I've overreacted and regretted it later, and probably an equal number where I've underreacted. I do my best. It won't be perfect.

I dislike it when the very first comment on a post sets the wrong tone or sends the conversation in the wrong direction. So comments higher in the comment stream where they have a large impact on how the conversation proceeds, the first in particular, get more scrutiny. That's especially true if it's a post that took a lot of effort and is trying to explain something I think is important.

All comments about the comment policy are deleted. If you have something to say about that, send me an email.

There are some things that are simply out of bounds. The bounds are pretty loose, but they do exist.

I wish I could do more to manage comments, but I can barely keep up as it is.

I sometimes react negatively to pot shots at economics or economists. Not always -- context matters -- but sometimes I do.

Sometimes, and this happens on those grouchy, intolerant days in particular, I simply have a negative reaction to a comment, get mad, and delete it. Those are the ones I'm most likely to regret. I do try to catch myself, but don't always manage to do so. Some people rub me the wrong way too.

When guests post at my site, colleagues, etc., I am far less tolerant.

There are two reactions to getting a comment deleted. One is to try again after rewriting to tone things down, and I don't usually have any trouble after that. They get the message and that's that. The other is to protest loudly by various means, often email or another comment, and keep it up until I'm forced to block them altogether. It generally ends up that way. Having to deal with the few people who can't control themselves in commets is, to me, the very worst part of blogging. Some days, I can hardly read comments because I dread having to deal with the few that go to these extremes. And some days I don't read them for just that reason.

The best way to get a comment deleted is to misrepresent something I say in a post, and then attack me for it. In general, I don't see any reason why I should tolerate getting trashed on my own site. There are ways to disagree without doing that.

I sometimes delete comments that make false claims or link to sites I cannot, in good conscience, send people to. When you put links to those sites in your comments, they are likely to get deleted. False and misleading claims are sometimes deleted too, especially when they are used to try and counter a point I think is important (or when is the first comment on a post).

I do the best I can, but I can't check every word of every comment.

I used to send emails to people when I deleted comments, and I sometimes still do. But they mostly turn out to be fake emails, that appears to be highly correlated with getting a comment deleted, and it just brings a flaming email in return. So I mostly stopped bothering.

When fights break out in comments, and it seems to be interfering with the conversation, gets personal, etc., I am likely to delete the entire set of comments.

People who have been here a long time are given more leeway when they occasionally step over the line. There are a couple of people who have been here almost from day one, when they were, pretty much, the only ones on the site. They stuck around, kept the conversation going, and helped to build the site. They are more part of the site than visitors to it.

I don't delete as many comments as this post makes it seem, it's really not that many (excluding the never ending battle aganst spam which brings multiple deletions daily).

I'd hoped the comments under the daily links posts would be a way for people to pass on links I might have missed. People do add quite a few links (thanks), but mostly people treat these like open threads. Works for me. That's a good place to take off topic comments or conversations.

You are always welcome to get your own blog -- they're free at Google -- where you can say whatever you want without the worry that some unfair, grouchy, intolerant, ideological tyrant might not to allow your brilliant takedown comment to stay. That would be your blog, this is mine, and I will run it as I think is best. You can run yours as you think is best.

All of the rules I forgot to mention or haven't thought of yet are in force.

Most of you are great. Please keep commenting.

I expect it won't take long for some of you to get back on the banned list -- the same behavior will produce the same outcome -- but perhaps I misjudge. Hope so. I'll try to be tolerant, but there are limits.

I will probably regret this post.

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