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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What Impact Will the Election Have on Financial Reform?

The editors at MoneyWatch asked me to look at how the election might impact efforts to reform the financial sector:

What Impact Will the Election Have on Financial Reform?: How will the takeover of the House of Representatives by Republicans affect recent regulation to reform the financial sector, in particular the Dodd-Frank bill and the recent Basel III agreement?
Since the Senate remains in Democratic hands, we shouldn’t expect any significant changes to the Dodd-Frank bill, particularly since Obama would likely veto any attempts to significantly alter the bill if it somehow reached his desk.
But the election does bring to mind questions about potential changes in financial regulation over the next few years, and over the longer-run, particularly if this is a sign of larger Republican gains in the future. One question is whether existing changes to financial regulation in the Dodd-Frank bill that appear to be working to restrict financial markets will be preserved. A second is whether we’ll be able to fix holes in the existing regulatory structure that Dodd-Frank left unfilled. And a third question concerns the extent to which we will continue to participate on the international stage as we did in the Basel III process. ...[continue]...

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