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Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Time to Cut the Cord"

Tim Duy has had enough:

Time To Cut The Cord: I see that Comcast just raised cable prices.  I find it remarkable that cable companies apparently can not see the train wreck ahead.  I figure that I can drop the cable and the phone (who uses a landline anymore?), ugrade to a faster internet connection and still come out ahead nearly $100 a month.
$100 a month will buy more AppleTV rentals than I can watch, especially given the vast amount of free content now available.  Pay a dollar, rent a show commerical free, or watch online for free with limited commerical interruptions.  Skip the middle men of the cable companies. How long do the cable companies think they can last charging people for dozens of channels they never watch?  I don't see how that model survives.
The one challenge I know I will face is sports programming.  But I think I can find plenty of places in town to watch the Ducks play and socialize at the same time. 
Anyone else cutting the cord?  Happy with the decision?

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