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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Ryan-Republican Plan Requires Debt Ceiling To Be Raised"

Stan Collender

Ryan-Republican Plan Requires Debt Ceiling To Be Raised By $6 Trillion, by Stan Collender: Over at The Washington Post, Matt Miller has a wonderful column that says what needs to be said about the current budget debate as directly and angrily as it can be stated: "“The House Republican budget adds $6 trillion to the debt in the next decade yet the GOP is balking at raising the debt limit."
There's more:
...The new definition of chutzpah is Republicans who vote for the Ryan plan that adds trillions in debt and who then say the debt limit goes up only over their dead bodies!
...Matt suggests that Barack Obama should use as his mantra as he tours the country "...that we should lift the debt limit only by as much debt as is needed to accommodate Paul Ryan’s budget." Along the same lines, I don't understand why House Democrats didn't offer an amendment during the debate on the budget resolution last week that would have raised the debt ceiling by enough to accommodate the additional borrowing in the Ryan plan. That would have forced every Republican to vote on it rather than allowing them to avoid the issue.

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