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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Republican's Fuzzy Line for Medicare Privatization

In their Medicare reform proposals, Republicans used to say that:

our budget ensures no changes for those 55 years old or older

That, for example, is a feature of the Ryan plan. But if you are 55, or will be soon, Michele Bachmann would like to move you to the other side of the line:

...this is about people who are 55 and under. I don't want a 78-year-old woman to think that Medicare is going to be pulled out from under her, because it won't. It's the 55 and under plan. And so the reforms in Medicare will affect people 55 and under...

Hopefully, the Republican voucher plan won't get past the proposal stage. But just to be clear, what are Republicans proposing, 55 and over, or 55 and under?

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