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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bloggers in St. Louis

I did my best to defend New Keynesianism against the New Monetarist assault, but it's lonely being a New Keynesian in St. Louis (as Randy Wright let me know at every opportunity). But it was a fun visit -- thanks David!:

Bloggers in St. Louis, by David Andolfatto: Another eventful week at work (last week). Two coauthors in town (Fabrizio Mattesini and Randy Wright) and three seminars (Nicolas Trachter, Mario Crucini, and Fatih Guvenen). Well, four seminars, I guess. Narayana Kocherlokota was in town to deliver the Hyman P. Minsky lecture at Washington University. Oh, and Mark Thoma also gave an interesting seminar on how bloggers have helped (and harmed) the nature of economic discussions/debates. Fascinating stuff all around.
Mark was visiting the St. Louis Fed all last week (at my invitation). Of course, I knew that keeping him away from Steve Williamson was going to be a problem. And I was right. Here they are at the Kocherlakota event, with me trying to break up their fight:

My two favorite bloggers coming to blows

Things calmed down after I agreed to buy them both a beer; see here:

Best Buds

Ah, good times. But now...back to work!

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