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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"Cuts to State and Local Government Workforces are Particularly Damaging for Women"

Cuts to state and local workforces have not been qually distributed between men and women. It's not even close (ideally, state and local employment would have been protected during the recession so that we wouldn't have to worry about this at all, but policy has been far from ideal):

...cuts to state and local government workforces, while a significant drag on the economy as a whole, are particularly damaging for women. In 2011, women made up 46.6 percent of the overall labor force, but among state and local workers, about 60 percent are women. Because women are so disproportionately represented in state and local jobs, they also have taken the brunt of the job losses in state and local governments. Of the net change in total state and local employment between 2007 and 2011—a decline of roughly 765,000 jobs—70 percent of the drop is from female employees. Today, there are about 540,000 fewer women in state and local jobs than in 2007, compared with about 225,000 fewer men. ...

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