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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Prison or Fine for Calling a Fellow Professor "Worthless"

You'll be sorry if you call Professor Geaun "a worthless nobody":

Professor handed 10 days in jail after insulting colleague, by Yang Kuo-wen, Taipei Times: Taiwan National University (NTU) Department of Agricultural Economics professor Wu Pei-ing, aged 53, was handed a final sentence of 10 days in prison or a fine by the High Court on Thursday for calling a fellow professor “worthless.”
At 8am on March 3 last year, when Wu was speaking with department head Hsu Shih-hsun, fellow professor Jerome Geaun approached her and said he felt compelled to “severely protest” that she was speaking too loudly. He asked Wu to lower her voice.
Wu at first said “Keep out of matters that don’t concern you,” but Geaun insisted that she keep her voice down, prompting Wu to say: “Go report it to the police, to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) for noise pollution, OK?”
While Hsu attempted to mediate the dispute, Wu said to Geaun: “Who do you think you are? You’re a worthless nobody,” despite a previous warning from Geaun’s that her comments came very close to a personal insult.
Geaun later sued Wu for libel and defamation of character... The High Court ruled that Wu was guilty of publicly insulting Geaun for calling him “worthless”...

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