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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Real Romney-Ryan Budgets Cuts: Programs for the Poor

A useful reminder from Ezra Klein:

The real Romney-Ryan budgets cuts aren't to Medicare. They're to programs for the poor., by Ezra Klein: I was pretty sure that when Paul Ryan got tapped to be Robin to Mitt Romney's Batman, it meant we were in for some serious budget talk. Which was great! I love budget talk.

Instead, it's actually meant we've spent a lot of time talking about Medicare. Which is odd. Because Paul Ryan's budget isn't that focused on Medicare. And that's even truer for Mitt Romney's budget...

But here's the thing. Ryan says his budget cuts more than $5 trillion in the next decade. Less than a trillion of that is coming from Medicare. Romney says his budget cuts about $7 trillion from the budget over the next decade and not a dollar of that comes from Medicare. And neither Romney nor Ryan want to cut Social Security and both increase spending on defense.

If you're not cutting Medicare or Social Security or defense you've already taken more than half of the federal budget off the table. And you know what's mainly left, the big pot of money you can still cut? Programs for poor people.

And so, if you look at Ryan's specific cuts, most of them are programs for poor people. In fact, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that more than six of every 10 dollars Ryan cuts from the federal budget is coming from programs for the poor. ... Moreover, everything we know suggests Romney's on the same page as his running mate. ... To make Romney's numbers add up, you have to assume that by the end of his presidency, Romney will have cut every federal program that's not Medicare, Social Security or defense spending by 57 percent. ...

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