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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

'America’s Third-World Politics'

Dani Rodrik:

America’s Third-World Politics, by Dani Rodrok, Commentary, Project Syndicate: With its presidential election over, the United States can finally take a breather from campaign politics, at least for a while. But an uncomfortable question lingers: How is it possible for the world’s most powerful country and its oldest continuous democracy to exhibit a state of political discourse that is more reminiscent of a failed African state?
Maybe that is too harsh an assessment of Africa’s nascent democracies. If you think I exaggerate, you have not been paying close attention. The pandering to extremist groups, the rejection of science, the outright lies and distortions, and the evasion of the real issues that characterized the most recent election cycle set a new low for democratic politics.
Without question, the worst offenders are America’s Republicans...

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