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Monday, December 24, 2012

Unpuzzling the Puuzzled

Greg Mankiw says he is puzzled:
A Krugman Puzzler

Brad DeLong does the unpuzzling that, as he notes, shouldn't be needed:

In Which Greg Mankiw Pretends to Be Puzzled...

PGL explains what Mankiw should be puzzled about:

Paul Krugman Puzzles Greg Mankiw

Adam Ozimek continues the discussion:

Krugman vs Mankiw on Interest Rates

Paul Krugman with more on the topic:

Bond Vigilantes and the Power of Three

Nothing to add, that pretty much covers it, but I do wonder: When Greg Mankiw asks, relative to 2003, "are circumstances different now?" just how much eggnog has he had?

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