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Thursday, January 17, 2013

'US Incarceration Rates Are Out of Control'

This was in today's links, but in case you missed it this is from Michael Froomkin:

US Incarceration Rates Are Out of Control, by  Michael Froomkin: I knew it was bad, but not this bad:

(Spotted via Ian Welsh, Justice is not Law, Law is Not Justice.)

There is an important qualification:

I admit the graph is a tiny bit misleading — it uses absolute numbers rather than percentages of population, which would be better.


But even making that correction doesn’t change much: US population grew from 226.5 million in 1980 to 308.7 million in 2010, a 73% increase. Meanwhile, however, the number of persons incarcerated almost quadrupled.
Our incarceration rate is by far the highest in the world. ...

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