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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Clawing Back 'Free Stuff for the Wealthy'

Conservatives are still blaming their loss in the presidential election on "giving away free stuff":

Today on CNN, president of the American Conservative Union Al Cardenas offered an explanation for conservatives’ defeat in November: They weren’t giving away free stuff. He said, “plenty of people have asked me what happened after the 2012 election. . . . Well, look, we were selling broccoli to 70 percent of the American electorate, and they were giving away cheesecake to 100 percent of the electorate.”

They call most everyone who isn't white and rich moochers, and then whine about losing.

But who are the real recipients of income they did not earn? Over the last several decades, almost all of the gains from economic growth have gone to the top. Income flowing to lower income levels has not kept up with changes in worker productivity, and that means members of some group -- guess which one -- received income that exceeds their productivity growth, i.e. in excess of their contribution to national output.

Clawing some of that income back through taxes or other means is far from mooching. In fact, it supports a core conservative idea, making sure that people receive the income that they've earned (or, the flip-side which is being pitched above -- please excuse the double negative -- the conservative obsession with making sure that people don't get income they do not deserve).

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