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Friday, April 12, 2013

'Comments, Spam, Loyal Readers, and False Positives'

Bob Lawless at Credit Slips says what I was going to say:

Comments, Spam, Loyal Readers, and False Positives: ...

... Our hosting service, Typepad, has tools to help us deal with the spam and recently rolled out a new service that has significantly reduced the amount of comment spam... At the same time, this new service seems to be creating false positives, at least judging by a few comments I have seen from long-time readers and regular commenters asking what happened to their comment. If the spam filter screens out a comment, it never shows up in my dashboard to allow me to "un-spam" it.
If your legitimate comment disappears, I apologize for that. You might try authenticating with a Typepad account or rewording the comment slightly. The anti-spam service is supposed to be a learning algorithm and should get better over time. ...

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