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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fed Watch: 'Dollar Up' and 'Confidence Boom?'

Two from Tim Duy:

First, "Dollar Up":

Dollar Up, by Tim Duy: The Dollar continues to gain despite the supposed "Great Debaser" Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke bringing us multiple rounds of quantitative easing:


Just sayin....

And second, "Confidence Boom?":

Confidence Boom?, by Tim Duy: The early read on the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment index jumped to 83.7 in May, up from 76.4 in April. Just a quick reminder before we get too excited - sentiment has tended to be low relative to actual spending. May's sentiment bounce just returns us to trend:


Better than collapsing confidence, but by itself not pointing to an imminent acceleration in consumer spending.

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