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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bernanke's Plans for the Future?

Is this a clue about Bernanke's plans for the future (i.e. if he wants to be renewed as Fed chair)?:

I wrote recently to inquire about the status of my leave from the university...

It's in the introduction to a graduation speech he gave at Princeton. Calculated Risk comments: on a different passage:

I enjoyed this speech, but Bernanke's comment that "careful economic analysis ... can help kill ideas that are completely logically inconsistent or wildly at variance with the data" is at odds with the sequestration budget cuts, "debt ceiling" nonsense, expansionary austerity, and more. I wish data and careful analysis could actually kill bad ideas, but I'm not sure what Paul Ryan would do with his life.

Yep. [Update: I probably should have noted that, for the most part, the speech has been widely praised.]

Update: On his inquiry about leave from Princeton, not sure when this footnote was added, but I just noticed it:

Note to journalists: This is a joke. My leave from Princeton expired in 2005.

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