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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'They Can’t Help Themselves'

Paul Krugman:

Insurance Tyranny: Many of us wish that Obamacare were a simpler system... Political reality, unfortunately, ensured that many people will receive coverage from private insurers, selling policies — often with subsidies — on the "exchanges". And naturally enough, the Obama administration is teaming up with the insurers... to help inform Americans of the benefits to which they will be legally entitled, starting Jan. 1.
And in the eyes of Republicans, Bloomberg reports, this makes Obama a “bully” — dragooning those private companies into helping sell a public program that will increase their profits. Why, it’s tyranny, I tell you!
Yes, it’s ridiculous. But they can’t help themselves. I suspect that the idea of helping lower-income Americans in any way would drive the GOP bonkers; but the idea that this help might come from Obama (implementing a program originally designed by Republicans, but never mind), and that Obama’s plan might actually work, drives them crazy.

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