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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Howard Dean Sells Out'

This was in today's links, but it's worth highlighting:

Howard Dean Sells Out: Monday Health Care Lobbyist Smackdown Weblogging, by Brad DeLong: The government already sets rates for Medicare, through the RVS and the RUC process.
The Independent Payment Advisory Board--IPAB--is an attempt to set rates in a less-stupid and more evidence-based way.
Thus Howard Dean claiming that "the ACA's rate-setting won't work", thereby telling his readers that the creation of IPAB introduces rate-setting into some equilibrium of free-market prices for Medicare, is Howard Dean being mendacious to try to protect the profits of the clients of McKenna, Long, & Aldridge. It is not Howard Dean weighing in on public policy trying to make America a better place.
Shame on Howard Dean. Disgraceful. ...

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