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Sunday, August 11, 2013

'Obama: Please Be Nice to Me as I Fail to Deal with This Awful Mess I Created!'

Brad DeLong:

Obama: Please Be Nice to Me as I Fail to Deal with This Awful Mess I Created!: "Surreal." "Kafkaesque." The best you can say is "pathetic." The kicker is that without a single finger lifted on the part of congress Obama could have implemented four years ago procedures for his administration that match those that he now wants congress to undertake. He could have:

  • had the government's presentations to FISA include arguments from an advocatus diaboli
  • created a task force
  • established internal executive-branch safeguards against abuse of §215
  • released his own administration's justifications
  • required the NSA to explain what it was doing.

He did none of those things, which he now says that he dearly wants to do.

Obama concedes that Snowden's leaks triggered a passionate and welcome debate. But he claims that Snowden is no patriot because "we would have gotten to the same place" eventually.


This does not pass the bullshit test. ...

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