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Sunday, October 13, 2013

'The GOP’s Latest Poison Pill'

Here's the latest from the "blame the other side for the crappy things we do to people we don't care about" party. This is from Ezra Klein:

The GOP’s latest poison pill, Wonkblog: ...House Republicans are preparing a six-week debt-ceiling extension that includes the Vitter amendment (see here for more on that bit of health-care trolling), strengthened income verification under Obamacare, and Rep. James Lankford's 'Government Shutdown Prevention Act.' Lankford's bill is interesting. Here's the description from his congressional office:
If Congress fails to approve a budget by the end of each fiscal year, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act would ensure that all operations remain running normally .. by automatically triggering a continuing resolution (CR) or short-term, stop-gap spending device. ... After the first 120 days, auto-CR funding would be reduced by one percentage point and would continue to be reduced by that margin every 90 days.
By progressively decreasing the amounts provided under the automatic continuing resolution, the bill provides continued incentives for Congress and the President to reach agreement on regular appropriations bills.
Catch the problem? The Lankford bill creates a world in which the failure to fund the government leads to automatic, across-the-board spending cuts. That's not a world in which there are "continued incentives for Congress and the President to reach agreement on regular appropriations bills." It's a world in which Republicans who want spending cuts have a continued incentive to refuse to reach agreement on bills to fund the government.
If Lankford wanted to incentivize both sides to come to a deal he'd propose a bill that paired automatic spending cuts with automatic tax increases. ... It'll die a quick death in the Senate. ...

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