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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Despite a Botched Rollout, the Health-Care Law Is Worth It

Alan Blinder defends Obamacare:

Despite a Botched Rollout, the Health-Care Law Is Worth It, by Alan S. Blinder, Commentary, WSJ: The botched rollout of ... "ObamaCare") has been an unmitigated disaster. Choose your favorite adjective: horrible, embarrassing, inexcusable. They all fit.
But a badly designed website doesn't signify a badly designed policy. The goals, principles and major design features of the ACA are barely affected by the government's health-exchange website catastrophe. If you liked the basic ideas before, you still should. ...
Unfortunately, that simple message may not penetrate the public consciousness. ... Remember, in politics, spin is often more important than reality. ... If we could get people to turn their attention from PR to policy—a big if—they would see that little has changed. The three central elements of ObamaCare are insurance reform, getting (most of) the uninsured covered, and containing the upward spiral in medical-care costs. Each remains in place. ...
Considering all these problems, is the game worth the candle? Absolutely—because the status quo ante was so unacceptable. America cannot be a humane society if we leave 15% of our population uninsured. America cannot be an efficient society if we spend 50% to 100% more of our incomes on health care than other countries, and yet don't get better health outcomes. We can't let a botched website get in the way of goals that big.

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