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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Capital Markets Balkanization Should Not Prevent Regulation'

Adair Turner:

Adair Turner: Capital Markets Balkanization Should Not Prevent Regulation, by The Institute for New Economic Thinking: “Don’t worry about the balkanisation of global capital markets” – Adair Turner
Fears that bank regulation or capital controls could lead to a “balkanisation” of global capital markets are overstated and should not constrain policy action to address the problems created by volatile short term capital flows and excessive credit creation, says Adair Turner, Senior Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and former chairman of the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority.
Speaking at a conference in Delhi sponsored by the Reserve Bank of India, Turner focused on the links between the international monetary system and domestic financial stability. [For the text of the speech and presentation please see below.] ...
Ultimately, Turner rejected the idea that this would lead to a harmful fragmentation of global capital markets.
“Talk of such policies is often met by objections that this will lead to a dangerous ‘balkanisation’ of global capital markets, preventing the free flow of capital and stymieing its allocative efficiency benefits,” he said. “But since the evidence for the benefits of financial integration is at best elusive and ambiguous, some ‘balkanisation’ of short term international debt markets could be a good thing”.

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