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Monday, February 24, 2014

Links for 2-25-14

Thanks to Tim Duy for the links tonight:

Labor Department Weighs Cutting Data on Import and Export Prices to Save Money - Real Time Economics
The Great Recession! It's Right Behind You! - Free Exchange
Federal Reserve Appoints Portland Business Leader Charles Wilhoite to Western Economic Advisory Council - Oregonian
A Model of the Safe Asset Mechanism (SAM): Safety Traps and Economic Policy - NBER
What is the Stance of Monetary Policy - macroblog
Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud - Bloomberg
Dallas Fed's Fisher Wants to Continue Reducing Bond Purchases - Real Time Economics
You Won't Have Broadband Competition Without Regulation - Felix Salmon
Has Monetary Cooperation Broken Down? - PIEE
Why the Euro Inflation Number is Worse Than it Looks - Financial Times
My Quiz for Wannabe Keynesians - Roger Farmer
Global Growth After the G20 Summit - Gavyn Davies/Financial Times
Where a Higher Minimum Wage Hasn't Killed Jobs - Bloomberg
State Hiring Credits and Recent Job Growth - San Francisco Federal Reserve

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